Adopt Argi the alien goat in World of Warcraft, and help the American Red Cross

World of Warcraft: Argi

You probably never realised that you wanted, no, needed an adorable alien goat in your life. You woke up every morning thinking your life was complete, never realising that there was a tiny, cute hole in your existence that could only be filled by a cloven-hoofed creature from another world, in another time. But now you do, and I bet it’s eating you up inside. 

Argi, the space goat, has been added to World of Warcraft’s roster of pets, and you can purchase the cuddly wee creature now for $10 or £9, yeah, we Brits are getting the short end of the stuck. But! Oh, it’s a big but. From now until December 31st, 100 percent of the “adoption” fee will be donated by Blizzard to the American Red Cross, and the charity will use the money to aid in ebola relief efforts in Africa. 

You’ll be able to buy Argi on its own, or as part of a special bundle that also contains a mount, the hideous Grinning Reaver. The bundle will set you back $30 or £22, and Blizzard will still donate $10 to the Red Cross, the same amount it would if you just bought Argi on its own.