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Henry Cavill “would be a good Arthas”, and is dreamy, says Warcraft’s co-creator

"That Henry [Cavill] would be a good Arthas or that he's dreamy? Clearly both... d'uh"

If you’re a fan of all things RPG games – including TV shows tying into behemoths of the genre – you’ll have no doubt seen that sneak peek of Geralt’s new look in the upcoming Witcher Season 2 teased this week. Showing the monster slayer in all-new, bulkier armour, the images have been prompting much excited chatter online ahead of the series’ arrival – and, it seems, even leading Warcraft’s co-creator to ponder an ideal new role for Geralt actor Henry Cavill.

World of Warcraft‘s associate narrative designer Anne Stickney has responded to a tweet showcasing Geralt’s Season 2 style, joking: “Is it… is it a little warm in here”, to which WoW author Christie Golden has replied “on the Arthas train” – a reference to the MMORPG’s iconic paladin. WoW guide writer, who goes by ‘Slayer Aernath’, agrees in the thread, asking Warcraft co-founder Chris Metzen what his view is.

“That Henry [Cavill] would be a good Arthas or that he’s dreamy?” Metzen asks. “Clearly both… d’uh.”

Following this, some fans have taken to social media with mock-ups imagining Cavill à la Season 2 Geralt in the role of the paladin-turned-Lich-King.

“I photoshopped Henry Cavill as Arthas after seeing Chris Metzen’s tweet endorsing him for the role,” Reddit user Shara184 says, alongside the image below:

I photoshopped Henry Cavill as Arthas after seeing Chris Metzens tweet endorsing him for the role from r/wow

Similarly, Twitter user Jalvina has posted this image of a Cavill-ian Arthas as in the style of a movie poster:

Sadly, there’s no sign this could become a reality any time soon, but it’s a bit of fun to imagine the actor taking up such an iconic role in Warcraft’s universe – and, based on these mock-ups at least, it seems like it would indeed be a great fit for for the actor bringing Geralt to life in the Netflix show.

There’s no sign of a specific Witcher Season 2 release date beyond ‘2021’ just yet, but first details – such as the plot – are starting to bubble up, which you can lap up in the meantime.