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Battle for Azeroth lets you ride golden rams and fight blood abominations


Battle for Azeroth’s alpha has undergone its weekly update, allowing dataminers to uncover a whole heap of new content. What’s next? Golden ram mounts, top-heavy warriors, and hot hounds – among other things.

Here’s everything we know about Battle for Azeroth so far.

The latest datamine by Blizzard fan site Icy Veins, has given us a sneak peek of some of the creatures coming to Battle for Azeroth.

First up are the new Dwarf Paladin mounts, which take the form of armoured rams, and come in either red or gold.

Here’s what the Paladin Dwarf mount looks like:

Next up is the Ancient King Council Warrior. This creature, whose head piece is abnormally large, and sure to make him unbalanced, wears tribal clothing with skulls on it. So my bets are on him not being exactly friendly.

Here’s what the Ancient King Council Warrior looks like:

The next creature, the Blood Abomination, is quite a sight to behold. It’s hard to work out quite where his face starts, and his legs end. We’ve seen Abominations in WoW before, they are mutilated undead creatures, comprised of body parts from corpses. However, the Blood Abominations look slightly more twisted than the previous Abominations we’ve seen.

Here’s what the Blood Abomination looks like:

The datamine also gives us a look at new elementals: the Blood Elemental, and the Water Elemental Boss Stormsong.

Here’s what the Blood Elemental look like:

And the Water Elemental Boss Stormsong:

The final creature is this hot-diggity-dog, the Small Core Hound. As expected, this is a pint-sized version of the Core Hound hunter pet.

Here’s what the Small Core Hound looks like: