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Battle for Azeroth’s next raid has a boss with a shrink ray and exploding sheep

World of Warcraft's next raid features High Tinker Mekkatorque, who wades into battle with a shrink ray and exploding sheep

World of Warcraft

Details are starting to emerge about the next World of Warcraft raid, and one boss in particular is attracting a fair amount of attention. High Tinker Mekkatorque is a Horde boss in the upcoming raid, which splits WoW’s two factions apart to take on different campaigns.

Mekkatorque is the leader of the Gnomes, who are the Alliances allies. By himself, he cuts a relatively diminutive form, but the raid puts him inside a giant mech, making him a lot more threatening. What follows is far from a standard raid battle, however, as Mekkatorque seems to be an extremely complex raid boss.

Mekkatorque comes with a bunch of regular boss abilities – he can slow you down, knock you around, and deal plenty of damage while he’s at it. But he’s not just an enormous health sponge. To take him down, you’ll have to destroy the bots flying around him. To do that, you’ll need to be hit by Mekkatorque’s shrink ray. That’s easy enough, but players who are shrunk can be stepped on – and killed – by their allies.

If you manage to avoid the footsteps of your normal-sized team-mates, you’ll be able to get inside Mekkatorque’s bots. Once you’re in, you’ll need to input a code to disable them. That catch, however, is that at Heroic difficulty and above, you don’t have your code. You have the shutdown code for a player in a different bot, and vice-versa. You’ll need to converse back and forth in order to find you code and make sure your allies have theirs.

If you’re playing on Mythic difficulty, this all gets even more complicated, as Mekkatorque will also have a Giant ray, which increases your size. If a giant player steps on a shrunk player, it’ll deal a clean one million damage in a single blow.

Clearly that’s not enough, however, so Blizzard have saved the best for Mekkatorque’s intermission. At that point in the fight, he’ll spawn in a whole bunch of exploding sheep. According to this Reddit post documenting the fight, that means flocks of sheep “spread around the arena, and explode into massive flaming orbs of death.” Sounds pretty impressive. You can check it all out in the stream below, kicking off around the 4.5 hour mark.

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Battle for Azeroth’s next raid will differ depending on whether you’re Horde or Alliance, so it’s only Azeroth’s outcasts who’ll get to take on Mekkatorque as part of their own story, rather than a flashback. That’s likely to impact the World First race to some degree, and it’ll be interesting to see how top-tier raid groups deal with Mekkatorque’s complexities.