BlizzCon’s opening ceremony is about to kick off, see it all here

BlizzCon 2016

Welcome, BlizzFans, as everyone’s favourite family-friendly gaming monolith prepares to regail us with tales of what to expect in our near futures at BlizzCon.

See everything revealed at BlizzCon 2016 in our hub for the convention.

There’s sure to be a healthy does of World of Warcraft: Legion announcements on the next patch, news on StarCraft and Heroes of the Storm’s next multiplayer updates and maybe we’ll even get an actual peek at Overwatch’s next hero, Sombra! (Do not hold your breath, we have been trolled before).

The stream of the opening ceremony is free to watch for those without a Virtual Ticket, but all the panels after are for paying customers and Blizzard faithful only. Not to worry though as we’ll be bringing you everything that comes out of those panels so keep your eyes glued to the social medias or bookmark our BizzCon 2016 hub and check back every few minutes.

To whet your appetite for that Sombra reveal which could very easily still not happen, here’s this week’s episode of Overwatch This predicting what Blizzard will have to say about the shooter’s future.

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