Britain’s National Health Service is treating videogame addiction


In the UK, videogame addiction is being treated alongside addiction to online shopping and porn habits. Apparently these three particular addictions have exploded as the internet has become an integral part of most of our lives. 

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The big offenders are games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft – online worlds where people go as much for their social interactions as they do for their gaming. Places where you can create a second life. To people with addictive personalities, these worlds can become more important than their own.

As reported by The Mirror, Author and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford said: “Compulsive gaming, watching porn and shopping can be akin to drinking, drug-taking or gambling. I would have no issue with NHS funds being used to help people with these kind of addictions.

“The key thing is that people ­recognise they have a problem and seek help. If their other relationships have cratered or suffered in anyway that’s often the first sign. It’s certainly become a generational thing. People have far more access to these sort of games now.

“Many years ago you had to go to seaside resorts and into amusement arcades now they are available on ­everyone’s screens. In most cases gaming is harmless, but some people do it to self-soothe difficult moods or cope with ­situations and this can end up damaging lives.”

Most experts are in agreement that early treatment could prevent having to tackle the depression or other syptoms caused by these addictions in later life. However, doctors have been warned to spend cash wisely on the service or it could disappear.