This WoW fan is making a Warcraft-themed Dungeons & Dragons guide

A creative World of Warcraft fan has shared his D&D-style Furbolg race stats page


One creative World of Warcraft player has decided to bring the tabletop fantasy roleplayer Dungeons & Dragons to the game’s universe. Wyatt Trull, author of D&D fifth edition content and an RPG designer, has posted a sneak peek of his work – a WoW race’s stats page he’s created for D&D campaigns – and it looks like there’s a full guide to come.

Trull, who goes by username Sigrisvaali on Reddit, has posted an image of the WoW Furbolg race’s D&D-style stats page, which covers all the aspects you’d need to know for an adventure. The page includes the ursine race’s background, traits like ability score increase, affiliation, alignment, speed, size, languages, age, and other key information, plus its names and tribes.

The creator says his guide is for D&D 5E and that he’s “been tinkering on this guide for literal years (since around 2015), but finally decided to start finishing it what with Classic WoW coming out”. WoW Classic’s release is indeed just around the corner, on August 27.

In the thread’s comments, Trull reveals which races he has planned for the guide for “‘round one’ or ‘classic’”: “Draenei (I’m lumping them in despite Burning Crusade), Dwarf (Bronze, Wild and Dark Iron), Furbolg, Gnome (probably including leper gnome), Goblin (including gilgoblin and hobgoblin), Human, Half Elf, Half Orc (Half-human, draenei and ogre), Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead, [and] Worgen.”

I’m both a WoW & D&D nerd, working on a guide to play D&D in the Warcraft universe. Got excited and wanted to show y’all the Furbolg stats. from r/wow

After that, he says he’ll take “them by expansion/area”, with Burning Crusade and Warlords “lumped together”, and more to follow.

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In the comments, Trull confirms he’ll release the guide for people to use in the future, but advises that it might take a little while to complete, saying that “it’ll just take some time. Between work, life and my other writing, this is just something I do to relax and placate the insatiable lore nerd raging within me.”

Trull has a website – Wyatt Trull presents – which he says he intends to add some WoW-related posts to in the coming weeks, such as things like “Faiths of Warcraft”, “roleplaying a Tauren” or “Warcraft campaign/storyline ideas.”