Days before WoW Classic, a prolific community guides writer moves to paid subscriptions

The guides writer has moved content covering levels 12 upwards to a paid subscription model


It looks like one of the most prolific WoW Classic levelling guide writers has now put his speed levelling how-tos for levels 12 and above – which were previously free – into a paid, subscription-based members area on his website, just days before WoW Classic is due to launch. While some fans are fine with the change, others have questioned the move.

As highlighted on various WoW Subreddit threads, guides writer Joana has added a member login feature to his website, which offers “Classic WoW speed levelling” guides for both Horde and Alliance playthroughs. The login page says that, while the starting zones (levels one to 12) are “free for everyone”, guides to levels 12 up to 60 are only available to members. Subscription to this membership costs $5 (£4) a month, or you can pay $12.75 (£10.40) on a quarterly basis.

The page reads that membership helps support Joana to continue making his guides “the best on the web”, and that he has plans to incorporate his guides into the game itself in the future, which he says would include GPS arrows indicating where you need to go.

Some users on Reddit have questioned Joana’s move to a subscription-based model for the guides. Some have indicated that, while they understand and accept his decision to make some money from his hard work, they might have preferred a one-off payment or donation system instead of the ongoing subscription.

On other threads, fans have responded to the change by putting forward levelling guide alternatives, such as Allyroute and, which are free to use.

However, user Stadics2 has posted a screenshot of what seems to be a message from Joana on Discord, which reads “I never said my guide will continue to be free, in fact I have been warning people a members’ area is coming shortly before Classic WoW launches. You can purchase the guide and use it before 60 days then request a full refund if you like. This is how you can use it for free without supporting. Thanks.” Some other users have indicated that they support his decision.

WoW Classic launches next week, on August 27.