World of Warcraft crests and fragments are being fixed, Blizzard says

World of Warcraft crests and fragments have been filling up everyone’s inventory in the MMORPG, but Blizzard says a fix is on its way in Dragonflight Season 3.

World of Warcraft crests and fragments are being fixed, Blizzard says: A huge fire-covered dragon roaring, from Blizzard RPG game World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft crests and fragments are certainly here to stay, but for those of us grinding Mythic dungeons for Wyrm’s and Aspect’s Shadowflame, there’s been an ongoing issue. If your World of Warcraft inventory has been filling up throughout the latest MMORPG expansion, and you’re hoping for a big change that might give you some more space, Blizzard now says it is reworking the crests and fragments system ready for Dragonflight Season 3.

Crests have a twin purpose in WoW Dragonflight, serving both as crafting reagents, and allowing you to further upgrade weapons. Rather than Elemental Everflow and Valor, the idea is to unify weapon upgrades under a single currency. The Shadowflame crests stack pretty high, so they’re not always an obstruction, but the more you grind and the more you save, the more you end up with bag bloat – too many crests, not enough inventory space.

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Fortunately, Blizzard has proposed a fix for our WoW inventory woes, and more or less confirmed that it will arrive with Dragonflight Season 3.

“The existing crest and fragment arrangement certainly contributes to inventory management concerns,” Chimes, a WoW developer writing on the game’s forums, explains. “While I can’t promise anything at this early stage, moving crests to the currency tab is under serious consideration and I think it’s more likely to happen than not for next season.

“Additionally, having players capped on a given tier of crest getting the next tier down as fallback rewards is under discussion. And yes, I did implicitly reveal that our current tentative plans are that this system will be iterated on for Season 3.”

World of Warcraft inventory bloat is getting fixed, Blizzard says: A response from a Blizzard developer outlining changes to World of Warcraft

So, crests will move over to currency, freeing up some bag space, and the current system – whereby you receive the next lowest tier of crest, once you’re filled up on the higher one – is seemingly being reworked. We’ll have to see how this shakes out once Dragonflight Season 3 flies in, but hopefully WoW bag bloat (I really like that phrase) will soon be a thing of the past.

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