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Watch: WoW’s new Broken Shore scenario from both sides, all cinematics, and the Demon Hunter starting area

world of warcraft legion secrets

The march towards World of Warcraft: Legion began in earnest today when Blizzard enabled the Demon Hunter class, the Broken Shore event and Demon Invasions. There’s a lot of new lore and a big chunk of gameplay in there, and we’ve recorded it all in super-smooth 1080p, 60fps. Below you’ll find the Broken Shore from both the Alliance and Horde perspective, as well as the full Demon Hunter starting experience. We’ve also pulled out all the cinematics, if you’re in a hurry – or don’t want to watch Ben die to Gul’dan twice.

Here’s everything else we know about Legion’s release date, features, and everything else.

Do subscribe to the PCGamesN YouTube for more like this – we have something special coming up. First up, you can see the Demon Hunter starting zone gameplay above. If you want to see just the story beats…

Demon Hunter cinematics

Our once-elfen friends out of the way, here’s what we get up to at the Broken Shore.

Broken Shore Alliance-side gameplay

Broken Shore Alliance-side cinematics

Broken Shore Horde-side gameplay

Broken Shore Horde-side cinematics

We’ll have more from Legion in the very near future – keep your eyes this way.

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