Here’s when World of Warcraft’s Broken Shore scenario along with Demon Invasions and Demon Hunters go live

Demon Hunter Release Times

The next big pre-Legion update is arriving tonight in World of Warcraft, with the Broken Shore, Demon Invasions and Demon Hunters all going live when the servers come up from maintenance. EU and US get it at different times, so we’ve gathered both here, as well as a roundup of what to expect.

For everything else we know on Legion’s release date, features and more, take a look here.

Important bit first: the release time of the Broken Shore and everything else.

  • US realms are going down for maintenance at 9am PDT today, Tuesday August 9th and coming back up at 12pm PDT. That’s 12pm to 3pm Eastern if you’re on that coast, or 5pm to 8pm BST if you’re playing cross-Atlantic or just wondering when streams will start popping up.
  • Meanwhile for EU realms, maintenance will begin at 2am BST / 3am CEST and end at 5am BST / 6am CEST tomorrow, Wednesday August 10th. Better to set an early alarm than stay up, we expect, and it’s only a few hours of spoiler dodging.
  • All these times could change if there are problems in the patching and activation process.

As for what’s coming, there’s three main additions.

  • The Demon Hunter class and starting experience, which we’ve covered extensively in interviews recently. You’ll need to have pre-ordered Legion digitally to get access to this. If you’ve gone for a physical collector’s edition from your local retailer but don’t want to miss out, you can pre-order digitally and then contact Blizzard customer support about a refund.
  • Demon Invasions, which we have an entire guide on completing, involve taking your character around Azeroth and stopping the Legion taking over. There’s also theDark Whispers event in capital cities, which will see players morphing into Dreadlords and turning on their allies. Exact details on this are deliberately being obfuscated by Blizzard to keep it a surprise.
  • The Broken Shore scenario, which it only recently became clear was actually coming in this update, rather than with the full release of Legion on August 30. This is the start of the Legion storyline, where the players and many major story characters converge on the incursion point, and, well, probably die. You’ll be directed towards this as soon as you log in with a level 98 or higher character.
  • Dev Jeremy Feasel made a full list of what’s going live on Twitter.

So, get out there and defend Azeroth / kill demons / turn on your fellows. Delete as appropriate for your particular plans.