WoW Dragonflight alpha brings new talents for Rogues, Hunters, Shamans

World of Warcraft Dragonflight's latest alpha build has a myriad of adjustments for the previously unveiled new talent trees for Hunters, Rogues, and Shamans

WoW Dragonflight centaur npcs talents shamans rogues hunters alpha build

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, WoW Dragonflight, has arrived in alpha form, and with it the ongoing process of revamping and upgrading the various character classes. As engaged players will know, this new phase of the MMORPG’s development is something of a return to brass tacks, with a new talent system more closely in line with the original talent trees seen in pre-Pandaria days. The latest alpha has a litany of adjustments to the previously announced talent trees for Rogues, Hunters and Shamans, and some juicy new talents and abilities. Let’s run through some of the notable changes.

Rogues have a host of new tricks on the table (or perhaps under it). For abilities, we have Kingsbane, a short cooldown which inflicts a nasty poison DoT; Echoing Reprimand, a short cooldown that grants you a supercharged combo point; Sepsis, a medium length cooldown which inflicts a DoT and grants a use of a Stealth ability; and Serrated Bone Spike, a 3-charge ability with a 30-second cooldown which inflicts a DoT which lasts until the target dies or leaves combat. For talents, we have Shrouded Suffocation, which buffs Garrote; and Silent Storm, which causes Stealth, Vanish and Shadow Dance to buff your next Shuriken Storm.

No new abilities for Hunters, but plenty of new talents. Bloody Claws adds synergy between Mongoose Bite and Kill Command; Pack Resilience buffs the damage and duration of Dire Beast; Ruthless Marauder increases the critical strike of Fury of the Eagle on low health targets, and causes said crits to reduce the cooldown of Wildfire Bomb and Flanking Strike; Ranger buffs Kill Shot, Serpent Sting, Steady Shot and Explosive Shot damage; Intense Focus causes Kill Command to generate additional Focus; Rejuvenating Wind causes Exhilaration to heal you for more; and finally, Bonded Companion, which reduces Coordinated Assault’s cooldown.

Only one new talent for Shamans; Shake the Foundations, which gives Earthquake a chance to instantly cast Chain Lightning at a random target. Otherwise, Fire Elemental has received a damage upgrade; Surge of Power now procs from Elemental Blast and Earthquake as well as Earth Shock; and Voodoo Mastery reduces the cooldown of Hex by 15 rather than 10 seconds.

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