WoW Dragonflight UI update leaves fans with “lifeless” icons

The WoW Dragonflight UI icons have been updated to give the game a fresh look, but some players are claiming the icons on the bottom bar are too small and grey

A red, black, and purple dragon flies on a forested background

WoW Dragonflight developer Blizzard Entertainment has delivered an enormous overhaul of the game’s UI in the popular MMORPG’s latest expansion. However, not everybody is loving all of the new changes.

The devs have pushed big renovations to the game, including updating character portraits and introducing a grid that players can snap various action bars to.

Another one of the more noticeable changes that came with the UI update was a rework to the micro-bar on the bottom right of the screen. Icons in the bar have been shrunken down, and all of them are now grey.

Previously, the bar was much bigger and each icon sported a distinct, darker colour pallet. Although many players use commands to access the features the icons visually represent (like your character, talents, and collection), for WoW players who do use the buttons, the new update has left them with muddy, tiny icons that are hard to decipher.

A post to WoW’s subreddit caught some attention after one player was fed up with the icons, slamming them for being “bland” and “hard to tell apart.” They also launched a search for any addon that could help them alleviate the newfound problem.

A WoW aficionado in the comment section suggested using a Weak Auras addon that gives each of the icons a different colour, allowing them to stand out on screen despite their size. However, most users in the comments focused on roasting the new tiny icons instead.

One user said, “I like most of the new UI except for these lifeless buttons that I can’t tell apart without mousing over.” Another added, “I hate this strange, forced minimalism so much. It has certainly a place where I appreciate the sleekness, elegance, and crispness but not in my fantasy game that is meant to distract me.”

Despite WoW fans appreciating the effort that has gone into updating the game’s outdated UI, some of the updates haven’t fully hit the mark for them.

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