Come watch Jeff Kaplan be bad at WoW Classic

Papa Jeff's skills have gotten rusty

World of Warcraft has returned to its origins in WoW Classic, and Blizzard took the time to celebrate the launch by bringing together a bunch of original WoW developers together to share some stories and play the game. Yes, this video is now a week old, but you’re going to need something to do while waiting for those remaining queue times.

You can also watch Jeff Kaplan be bad at vanilla WoW. Now, I’m not going to judge anyone’s adjustment to a 15-year-old game – but Papa Jeff does die while facing some standard mobs. While he’s in a party. I guess you could blame the healer, but you don’t have that out when Kaplan gets lost in a dungeon elsewhere in the video. (Sorry Jeff, blame Blizzard for framing you so poorly here.)

Kaplan was responsible for some of the earliest quests in Westfall as one of the original game designers on World of Warcraft, though he’s certainly best known these days as the face of Overwatch.

The video also features folks like 3D artist Aaron Keller and game designers Alex Afrasiabi, Pat Nagle, and Tom Chilton, and it’s very wholesome.

Check it out above.

Dig into our WoW Classic guide if you’re struggling as much as Papa Jeff. There’s no shame in getting help when you need it.