Leaked Warcraft trailer is full of orcs smashing things

Warcraft movie

Doug Jones’ Warcraft movie releases June next year, but other than a brief snippet of footage we’ve yet to see much of it at all. If you fancy spoiling it a bit for yourself, a grainy, skewed-angle bootleg of the trailer has been leaked onto the interwebs, complete with image-obscuring watermarks and subtitles. 

If you fancy watching, cast your gaze this way.

The trailer mostly focuses on the orcs, with plenty of the CGI creatures charging around the place, swinging weapons and raising babies into the sky as if this were the Lion King. There’s still some glimpses at humanity though, where we can see real actors blending in with the mix of sets and CGI backdrops.

What do you think of what’s on show? Are you happy with the CG-heavy Avatar-like approach to Azeroth, or would you rather have something more akin to Lord of the Rings? And what events from Warcraft lore are you hoping to see on-screen?