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Method will stream WoW’s latest raid, Uldir

Battle for Azeroth

The World of Warcraft guild known for firsts has announced they’ll be live-streaming their attack on the game’s newest raid, Uldir.

Method is teaming up with Discord and Red Bull Gaming, as well as with component manufacturer MSI and fan site WoWhead, and live-streaming their attack on World of Warcraft’s newest raid, Uldir, on Mythic difficulty.

Uldir was introduced with the Battle for Azeroth expansion that launched last month. Method is known for posting world-wide first records, but before now they haven’t live-streamed their efforts.

“While we’ve seen Chinese and some US guilds stream most of their progress before, this marks the first time the No. 1 Ranked Guild in the World has decided to show the entirety of their effort in a progress raid and share it with their viewers,” Method said in a post to the guild’s official site.

Method are perennial favorites in the race to post the first-ever completion results in World of Warcraft. But they’re not known for streaming, and as the post says, this will be the first time the public gets a chance to see the raw process.

They’ve even cut a trailer:

If you’re in London, you can head to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere for the special event stream. For everyone else, you can tune in via your favorite Method streamer’s Twitch channel. The stream will kick off Tuesday, September 11th.