Donate to Make A Wish by adopting World of Warcraft’s adorable Fel kitty this Christmas

Mischief the Fel Kitty World of Warcraft

Fel kitties are for life, not just for Christmas, but if you adopt one this year before December 31 in World of Warcraft your fee goes straight to Make A Wish foundation.

For other free MMOs on PC that do not feature an adorably evil kitten, see here.

Mischief, the lovably evil pet in WoW’s Legion expansion, costs a mere £9 or $10 to provide a loving home at the side of all characters on your account, 100% of which will go to making kids’ wishes come true with the charity for chronically and terminally ill children if you buy before New Years’.

That’s not all, however, as you can also have a Fel kitty of your own to sit on your sofa or whatever you do with plushies as there’s one in the Gear store for $25, and $14 of that goes to Make A Wish too.

Make yours, someone else’s and a sick child’s Christmas today by adopting the furry critter, who will also melt your heart just like in this little Winterveil story Blizzard have made.