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WoW’s Tides of Vengeance arrives this week, along with a new Warfront

The first major content drop for World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion arrives this week. Tides of Vengeance, which launches Tuesday, is set to bring with it a host of new activities and content, notably the opening of a new Warfront in Darkshore.

The inhospitable and haunted coastal region of Darkshore will begin Tides of Vengeance in control of the Horde, but the Alliance is planning an attack. When Tides of Vengeance begins, Alliance players at max level, and who finish the new opening storyline, will be able to queue up for the Battle of Darkshore Warfront. Blizzard says the new Warfront’s cycle has been shortened a bit to make sure players from both factions will get a chance to play it and earn its rewards before the holidays.

There’s a lot of history in Darkshore, so the outcome of this Warfront could have important implications for events down the line. Darkshore was ravaged by the Cataclysm and the Night Elves have only just managed to hold on to the territory, which is now under siege from Shatterspear trolls, naga, and the Twighlight’s Hammer cult. Now, they’ll have to fight off the Forsaken as well if they want to take back their home.

Tides of Vengeance is bringing a lot more with it, and Blizzard has put together a Survival Guide video that sums up the top-level changes.

There’s more details on the new Warfront at the official World of Warcraft site.

As for the rest of the patch, players can look forward to new Faction Assaults, a new Pet Battle Dungeon in Gnomeregan, two new islands in Island Expeditions, and new Blood Elf and Dwarf heritage armors. It’s a pretty significant update, so gear up and prepare for war. Well, more of it.

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