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You can pet the dog in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

This is a very important announcement: You can pet the dog in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, and get buffed for your adorable troubles

You Can Pet The Dog In WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight has introduced a key feature, one that fans have undoubtedly been asking for for years – you can pet the dog. The very good girl in question is a Bakar, one of the large furry quadrupedal creatures that roam the Ohn’ahran Plains, and a Twitter user recently participated in a group event to pet the dog and receive a buff as a reward.

Dubbing the wholesome event the ‘best to ever grace the game’, Twitter user Porterguage posted a few images to commemorate the good girl in question, with one commenter stating: “I needed to see this. Wholesome. Quality. Dog. Content.”After you’re done petting the dog, you’ll receive the ‘You Have Pet The Dog’ buff for 5 minutes – it doesn’t do anything other than let everyone know you’re a decent human being and you deserve everything in life.

The petting theme no doubt comes from the very popular Can You Pet the Dog Twitter handle. Run by Tristan Cooper, it does the angelic job of letting you which games have the feature of its namesake, and which don’t. A strange by-product of this account is that it’s caused more and more developers – mostly likely including Blizzard, too – to include animal petting in their games. I’m all for it, to be honest.

The world really does need more wholesome content; sometimes you need something to take your mind off of huge World of Warcraft auction house bugs – when you aren’t taking a deep dive into the WoW Dragonflight Alpha patch notes, that is. If anyone needs me I’ll be watching Lassie and pretending I can have pets in my building.

Image credit: Porterguage on Twitter