WoW hunters can get one-shot PvP kills thanks to razor fragments bug

World of Warcraft hunters can score one-shot kills in PvP, thanks a razor fragments bug, accessible via the venthyr runecarving power at renown 48

Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft with an explosion behind her

World of Warcraft’s ongoing development has been honed to a fine science. While bugs definitely do creep into the MMORPG, they’re usually dealt with quickly by Blizzard and have fairly limited impact. This bug however, which lets PvP hunters get one-shot kills, thanks to an issue with razor fragments is a little different — this one has fatal consequences, and involves toads.

WoW youtuber Rextroy has previously tried to make this particular bug work, with no luck. But now they’ve cracked it. The principle is simple: hunters in the Venthyr covenant can get an ability called flayed shot that has a chance of triggering another ability, kill shot. The runecarving power, pouch of razor fragments, powers up these kill shots, causing targets within 12 yards to take 60% of the damage dealt as a DoT.

Here’s where it gets fun. By releasing a small toad using the item gently squeezed toad, then annihilating it with a kill shot near a PvP enemy, you cause the hapless bystander to bleed for hundreds of thousands of damage. Given players have around 30K HP, and even the NPC faction leaders have around 500k, this burns them up in short order.

This bug works as the toad, being a level one critter, takes a massive amount of damage from any attack a high level player dishes out. As such, the overkill damage is wildly out of scale with the damage bystanders should be taking. Rextroy demonstrated the technique in their video, even showing themselves solo killing Ro’chan, the Horde leader in Ogrimmar, using the method.

Sadly this trick doesn’t work in PvE, but you might not need it after the latest round of Sepulcher of the First Ones nerfs.