A World of Warcraft player hit Shadowlands’ new level cap in three hours

They managed to pull it off by grinding a dungeon in Bastion repeatedly

The release of new content for live-service games means different things to different parts of a game’s playerbase. Some take their time to amble through the expansion, taking in everything that there is to see, whereas others race through it in a bid to be the world’s first at something. Since Shadowlands includes World of Warcraft‘s first level squish, taking veteran players from level 120 to level 50, plenty lined up to be the first to hit the new level cap.

One of the first players to report that they hit level 60 did so in just over three hours. As spotted by Wowhead, one of the player’s teammates explained on Twitch that the team managed to hit level 60 by repeatedly running the Necrotic Wake dungeon in Bastion.

Typically, you can’t run the dungeon if you’re level 56 or above, but you can bypass that as long as someone in your team is below the requirement. As Monkeylool always had a teammate on standby who was below the level cap, they were able to cycle players in and out. Alongside some quests and end of dungeon experience, the group ran the dungeon as a three-person party in five to six minutes per run until the WoW player hit level 60.

Since Shadowlands launched, the game has been hit with the usual expansion jitters. Plenty have reported login errors, while Blizzard has had to despawn the PvP vendors temporarily due to another glitch.

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If you do manage to get on, though, we’ve wrangled up a WoW Shadowlands levelling guide to help you stay on track.