World of Warcraft reintroduced rare transmog helms for Prime Gaming

This World of Warcraft Prime Gaming loot is the latest in a string of free Blizzard game content offers for subscribers to the commerce giant.

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Collecting and World of Warcraft go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Mount and pet collecting have existed since the inception of WoW, but Blizzard are always introducing new tchotchkes to keep the collecting bug alive and well in the MMO game.

Transmogrification first showed up over 10 years ago now, way back in Cataclysm, and it quickly became a central pillar of any collector’s cabinet of curiosities. Running old raids, dungeons, and questlines for just the right item of clothing to complete a particular ensemble is an excellent time filler for those inclined – and it gives Blizzard yet another monetisation route via selling transmog items through their storefront.

These exclusive clothing items are often only on the store for a limited time or available via pre-purchase or subscription rewards.

The latest offering in the ongoing partnership between Blizzard and Amazon Prime (which previously paid out free loot boxes for Overwatch and cards for Hearthstone) is the resurrection of three transmog helms, previously released on the Blizzard store back in 2013: the Jewel of the Firelord, a flaming horned crown, perfect for Demon Hunters or Warlorcks; the Hood of Hungering Darkness, a shrouded cowl sure to suit any Rogue or Hunter; and the Crown of Eternal Winter, an icy skeleton mask complete with spiked crown, ideal for Death Knights or Wrath of the Lich King raid gear.

“A repeat of old content?” I hear you complain, “What a cop-out.” Hold on dear collector, these were taken off the storefront in 2019. Any avid transmog completionist who was either too skint or not playing at the time may well be tempted to jump on the Bezos Spaceship Fund, otherwise known as Amazon Prime.

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