Props from the World of Warcraft movie are up for auction

The bidding is live until July 12.

If you’ve ever fancied picking yourself up a token – or something much larger – of Warcraft lore for your home, desk, or even to wear, you might be in luck. An auction has just launched packed with memorabilia from the 2016 Warcraft movie, which was based on the much-beloved videogame series. An orc skull for your coffee table, perhaps?

The auction, hosted by the film and TV memorabilia auction site Prop Store, features over 400 lots of goodies from the movie, much of which is by Weta Workshops – y’know, the ones that did a load of cool gear for the Lord of the Rings movies. A quick browse of the auction reveals a range of things, big and small, that could help to put a bit more Warcraft into your world.

Highlights include a colour map of Azeroth, Lothar’s “Distressed Troll” battle armour (complete with fake blood spatters on the breastplates), and also his final battle costume – which at the time of writing stands at a bid of only $125. That seems pretty reasonable for the knight of the Kingdom of Stormwind’s ensemble – though it’ll likely rise much higher before the bidding is over. Other goodies include rustic wooden beer mugs, Garona’s necklace, and a raft of spears, shields, armour, banners, and other props from the film.

The bidding runs until July 12, so if you’re keen to grab yourself a little – or a big – bit of Azeroth, head over to the site and check out the full catalogue.

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