Winter Veil 2014 starts today in World of Warcraft

world of warcraft winter veil

Come ye, come ye, all of ye who hungers for snow, candy canes, and crackers: the Feast of the Winter Veil is about to begin! It’s taking part in every major city in Azeroth, and one and all are welcome. Greatfather Winter is waiting for you, and he promises a jolly good time. 

The Feast of Winter Veil is, of course, World of Warcraft’s Christmas event, and it runs this year from today – December 16th – to January 2nd.  There’s plenty to do, and a few goodies to pick up from Greatfather Winter’s sack. So log in quick, but first check out what’s waiting for you. 

Special Winter’s Hats await you in some dungeons. Defeat bosses in The Nexus, Ahm’Kahet, Blackrock Caverns, The Stone Core, Deadmines, The Oculus, Grim Batol, or Shadowfang Keep and you can grab yourself a very snazzy, fur-lined hat so you can look just like Greatfather Winter himself.

Winter Veil quests will be on offer, with a shipment from Smokywood Pastures having gone missing and in need of finding. Metzen the Reindeer has been kidnapped, so you’ll need to track down his captors too.

You’ll find that merchants have been stocking up on festive trinkets, so you’ll be able to fill your inventory with all kinds of wintery items. Tiny Snowmen, Winter Reindeer, Winter’s Little Helpers, and snowballs will all be on offer to help kickstart the fun.

There are new achievements too; 14 in total and 1 meta-achievement. You can also bag yourself the title of Merrymaker if you take part in everything on offer, too.

For all the snowflake-sized details, do read Blizzard’s latest World of Warcraft blog post. But be quick, that snnow won’t last forever!