World of Warcraft patch 6.2 will unleash the Burning Legion on June 23rd

WoW 6.2

Blizzard are ready to unleash hellfire on World of Warcraft players next week, as patch 6.2 floods over Draenor. Inside is a brand new zone: the Tanaan Jungle, the Hellfire Citadel raid, Shipyards expansions for Garrisons, Timewalking dungeon events and more.

But don’t take my word for it – in normal Blizzard fashion, there’s a fiery trailer to kick off the whole thing.

I guess it’s worth warning that this contains spoilers for the game’s story, but you should’ve caught up by now.

Below you’ll find the Hellfire raid schedule for the various difficulties. You’ll need a minimum item level of 650 to enter the Raid Finder version of it too, so make sure you’re geared up!

June 23 (with the release of Patch 6.2)

  • Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties open.

June 30

Mythic difficulty becomes available.

  • Raid Finder Wing 1 (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok) unlocks.

July 14

  • Raid Finder Wing 2 (Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg, Gorefiend) unlocks.

July 28

  • Raid Finder Wing 3 (Shadow-Lord Iskar, Socrethar the Eternal, Tyrant Velhari) unlocks.

August 11

  • Raid Finder Wing 4 (Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul’horac, Mannoroth) unlocks.

August 25

  • Raid Finder Wing 5 (Archimonde) unlocks.

For all those wondering when Blizzard will reimplement flying back into Draenor, that will come in a smaller patch following the 6.2 update.

The latest 6.2 PTR patch notes can be found here if you want to know what’s changing for your class in the latest patch; my poor Shaman is getting more nerfs than buffs it seems.