World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2 brings flying in Draenor on September 1st

WoW Flying MOunts

Two articles about patch notes in a row, what is this, a PC gaming site interesting in keeping you informed on some of the most played games in the world? Uh, yeah, that. Point is, World of Warcraft’s upcoming patch took a surprising turn for the controversial when it was announced that flying wouldn’t be returning to the game. After a remarkable amount of player uproar, Blizzard reconsidered and said that from now on patches towards the end of expansion cycles would reintroduce flying to that zone. For Warlords of Draenor, that is 6.2.2, with Legion already looming on the horizong.

We’ve covered the important elements of the patch before, but the other major addition is PvP Mercenary Mode, which should alleviate queue times for when one faction or the other is underpopulated. You’ll retain all your gear, skills and abilities but be fighting against your previous allies. You bastard.

For the non-PvPers there’s the introduction of better loot from Timewalking, a recently-added way to revisit the dungeons of past expansions. There’s also the usual round of buffs and nerfs which, personally, is bringing a 6% damage boost across my three main abilities. Cheers, Blizzard. Warrior buffs: what a time to be alive.

An interesting note about some of the class and race buffs, specifically Priest, is the hints it’s making towards the future of the game. It’s already been announced that Legion will have a significantly revamped PvP system, where players will be increasing in Honour rank rather than acquiring gear as the form of progression. These ranks convey special abilities that only activate in PvP, while this patch seperates damage values between PvP and PvE and tries to bring racial abilities in line with the obnoxiously powerful Human one. Senior Designer Brian Holinka recently spoke quite a bit about this, BlizzardWatch has the details.