World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2 lets you get Terky the pet, if you know where to look | PCGamesN

World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2 lets you get Terky the pet, if you know where to look


Previously you could only get Terky, the white baby Murloc that sometimes sings, dances and wears a top hat, in a Taiwanese iCoke promotion. Patch 6.2.2 changed that, but you need to know where to look. 

What is Killing World of Warcraft? Is it secret Murloc pets?

If you weren't one of the people who got Terky in a promotion - or a strange bug that happened a while back - you might have seen players speak of the creature's secret in-game location like some kind of urban legend. Well now you can put those legends to rest. 

Terky is obtainable from a White Murloc Egg hidden in the Riplash Ruins in Borean Tundra. Once there, head down into an underwater passage into a cave, and surface into an underwater cave where the egg is hidden. 

If you want to see exactly where it is, watch this handy YouTube video:

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huldu avatarVixremento avatar
huldu Avatar
2 Years ago

Pretty nice, got it last night while I finally completed that "what a strange journey" achievement. What a waste of time, silly games. At least the pet is cool and the first murloc pet I've ever had.

Vixremento Avatar
2 Years ago

Man, I'll probably be hated for this but I just want a new Warcraft RTS with a whopping single-player campaign. I'm guessing the Starcraft 2 editor is pretty much there but I'd love something official (especially before I retire).

Legacy of the Void will help (after Fallout 4 lol, sorry Blizzie) and maybe even a 30-day free trial with the next WoW expansion might convince me to return just to check things out for three or four months. Otherwise at the moment I truly am enjoying the time I get with other games.