You’ll look majestic in the Alliance Plate set for Battle for Azeroth’s Warfronts

wow battle for azeroth warfronts alliance plate armour

The latest Battle for Azeroth alpha is upon us, meaning more datamines are here to show off what’s coming in World of Warcraft’s next expansion. This time it’s another set of armour for Warfronts, showcasing Alliance plate armour.

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As Wowhead note, these bits of armour don’t have the over-the-shoulder capes present in both BlizzCon concept art and the previously datamined icons, so the look may yet be unfinished, particularly if Blizzard look to implement some lovely cloth physics to help sell the majesty. The armour comes in three tiers of progressively fancier variations.

Don’t worry, Horde hasn’t been left out either, with their plate set having showed up in an earlier datamine. You can see all the variations for both sides of the fight at Wowhead.

This recent round of datamining has also revealed the Forsaken Fel Bat mount, and summonable Vulpera pups for a decidedly more adorable addition to the game.