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WoW: Battle for Azeroth’s Uldir raid is live - check out the new armor sets and weapons

It's time to hit Battle for Azeroth's Uldir raid, and find out how much loot lust the new armor set system can inspire

While Battle for Azeroth has been officially out and in World of Warcraft players’ hands, the first raid for the expansion is only now being released. Uldir takes place in a research and quarantine facility that inevitably falls by its own creation, and will have players tackle the threat of the Blood God G’huun after taking down seven titanic bosses in a sprawling, non-linear dungeon that promises to deliver the intense challenge of many World of Warcraft raids before it.

The rewards are plenty, including slick new armour transmogs that reflect the metallic-titan feel of the raid, and are no longer bound by class. Rapid completionists can earn a new title – the Famed Slayer of G’huun – by defeating G’huun on Mythic difficulty and being among the first 100 guilds in the world to do so. A Bloodgorged Crawg mount is also up for grabs, for those who earn the Glory of Uldir Raider achievement, which in itself requires 10 further achievements.

More achievable drops include Khor, Hammer of the Guardian, a level 350 two-handed Mace which is particularly useful for Retribution Paladins and Fury Warriors, as well as a bounty of other weapons, including Voror, Gleaming Blade of the Stalwart; Heptavium, Staff of Torturous Knowledge, and Glaive of the Keepers. A full list can be found via Wowhead. All weapon drops from the Uldir raid come in 4 different colours, adding even more character customisation to the latest expansion.

With the release of Battle for Azeroth, tier sets have been removed and each class no longer has its own armour transmog. Transmogs are separated into armour classification, changing tint for cloth, leather, mail, and plate and by raid difficulty respectively. This new system will in theory make the raid set from Uldir easier to come by, and will require less hours slogging against G’huun for every last piece of armour.

Repeat raiders will also benefit from special traits granted by Uldir looted armour while inside the raid. Archive of the Titans grants a primary stat boost (which can be stacked up to 20 times), while Laser Matrix grants players the potential to randomly release a violent barrage of lasers while casting – which both damaged enemies and heals your party to boot.