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You can soon add a gigantic bee to your collection of WoW mounts

The Honeyback Harvester is headed to World of Warcraft soon

WoW Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft will soon be buzzing with the introduction of an un-bee-lievable new mount – a giant honey bee with a throne and honeypot on its back called the Honeyback Harvester. Plus, there are bee-themed goodies, butterfly battle pets, and more on the way too. Sweet.

According to a post on the World of Warcraft website, “Stormsong Valley’s beekeepers report that a buzzare pheromenon is about to take place in the region.” In the next few weeks, Alliance players will get to find and explore a new hive coming to the region, working with a beekeeper called Barry to track it down, and with some sweet rewards on offer if you can gain the Hivemother’s favour.

As well as earning the Honeyback Harvester mount itself, there will also be “bee-themed” items available to purchase. You can check out a snapshot of what the bee mount looks like in a snapshot on Blizzard’s post – and it looks pretty awesome.

The new butterfly battle pets come in three vibrant colours, each with their own features and drops. The first, the Crimson Skipper, is “stained red from the blood of its enemies” and drops a Honey Smasher. There’s also a yellow – the Sunsoaked flitter, whose wings change to yellow in the sunlight and drops – and a purple called Papi (rumoured to come from a location called Devil’s Island), which both drop Fresh Jelly Deposits in Stormsong Valley.

When the goodies arrive in-game, and you start trying to gain the Hivemother’s favour, you should keep an eye out for rays of light. Follow one, and you could be in for a treat – a “beeing” that needs your help, with rewards like Glyph of Dire Bees up for grabs if you lend a hand. “New creatures” swarming the area are also heading to the game, which yield “unique loot” if you squish them.

Blizzard says the new content will be heading to Stormsong Valley in the next couple of weeks.