New WoW Classic forums help you reconnect with your pals from 2004

The forums will help you find your old Guild friends from fifteen years ago

It’s sometimes hard to believe that World of Warcraft first launched 15 years ago. Following news that some fifteenth anniversary treats – such as an “old-school-inspired” Alterac Valley battleground map – are on the way, it looks like developer Blizzard has some other plans to get players celebrating the MMORPG’s legacy. It’s opened new WoW Classic forums to help players from the game’s early days reconnect with their pals.

The forums (via Reddit user Dldallas), titled “Classic connections 2004-2006 – find people here”, are available on both the US and European Blizzard WoW sites, and offer three different options: reconnecting with people who used to play ALLIANCE with you, or played HORDE with you, or even engaging with new people you “haven’t yet met.” Each of these is then broken down into the Realm types, like RP, PvP, and so on, and then the specific Realms you played on to help you find fellow adventurers you might have long lost contact with more easily.

When you think you’ve hit upon the right section, the forum advises you to “post what you remember about yourself and your friends you used to play with”, such as your character’s name, race, and class, plus your original guild’s name – plus of course the character names of those you’re hoping to reconnect with.

It looks like a few players have already had some luck getting back in touch with some old pals, and started recounting tales of the good ol’ days on the forums, for example, on the Defias Brotherhood page in the Horde RP-PvP realms thread.

If you played WoW in its early days, around 2004 to 2006, and you’re keen to reconnect with some familiar faces yourself, maybe consider giving the forums a try. Or, if you’re keen to get into some Classic WoW but can’t commit to a huge amount of time in the game, user Soupoftheday has posted in the “I’m looking for new people” section with a welcome to “the guild that works WoW around your life, and not the other way around,” if that sounds like your thing.