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Some WoW Classic features seem like bugs

Blizzard has published a list of 'Not Bugs' in WoW Classic to help players sort out what's behaving as intended.

A lot has happened in World of Warcraft in the fifteen years since it originally launched, and over that time we’ve come to expect certain things, not just in WoW, but in games in general. As players explore Azeroth as it existed back in 2006 during the WoW Classic beta, they’re reporting bugs – but in many cases, these ‘bugs’ are really just features that are working as intended.

Blizzard has put out a ‘not a bug’ list that covers many commonly-reported features that seem strange to players, such as players and NPCs that are feared running faster, and quest objectives not being tracked on the map or minimap. Respawn rates for creatures is much slower than it is in Battle for Azeroth, and this is intentional – it reflects the respawn rate in the World of Warcraft version 1.12.

Wowhead notes that Blizzard has also posted a list of known issues, or bugs that are actually bugs. Some of these include Hunter pets not automatically returning to your side when they enter passive mode, and signing into Twitter through the menu option crashes the client.

We spoke with two Blizzard developers who have been working on WoW Classic, and as they explained, recreating World of Warcraft 1.12 involved reintroducing bugs that have long since been patched out of the game. But even they have had to check their work against WoW’s long update history, since the time at which certain features were introduced or bugs removed has gotten a bit fuzzy.

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The full list of Not Bugs is available on the on the Blizzard forums. The first closed beta is currently live, and WoW Classic will officially launch August 27.