Warcraft-themed Pornhub searches tripled after WoW Classic release

With hours-long queues to contend with, some WoW Classic players found a novel way to kill some time


When WoW Classic launched earlier this week, players found themselves subject to hours-long queues as thousands attempted to step back into Azeroth. To kill time until they could actually play, some people played other games on different screens, while others went about their day as the queue ticked down. A select few, however, came up with a somewhat more adult solution.

While the queues were at their worst – some servers had players waiting upwards of six hours to gain access – we reached out to Pornhub Insights (that link is technically SFW, but still, maybe be careful where you open it) to ask if all that WoW-downtime had any effect elsewhere on the internet.

The answer, as it turns out, was a resounding yes, as the adult site discovered a massive spike in searches containing the word ‘Warcraft’ at the beginning of this week. When queues were at their worst on August 26, those searches volumes rose by 210% above the daily average.

Thankfully, queue times have been going down, and Blizzard even stepped in to increase server capacity. But Pornhub notes that interest in more adult Warcraft content hasn’t dropped off just yet – two days after launch, on August 28, searches for Warcraft porn were still 120% above the normal average.

This isn’t the first time interest in a game has translated to the saucier corners of the internet. The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 saw an enormous spike interest in the Wild West, while Fortnite has also received a lot of attention, even overtaking Overwatch’s immense popularity on adult sites. WoW is still a long way off that kind of ‘success’, but considering how popular Classic has proved, maybe it’s just a matter of time.