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Here are all the WoW Classic servers, and you can pre-register starting this week

Blizzard has announced the WoW Classic servers list that will be available for when World of Warcraft Classic launches later this month, and starting Monday, WoW players will be able to start reserving character names.

In a post to the WoW Classic official forums, community manager Kaivax provided the list of servers, including each server’s name, type, and time zone. The thirteen realms include 11 in the Americas and two in Oceania, and are split between normal and PvP types, with a couple of role-playing servers available for good measure.

Starting August 12 at 18:00 Pacific, players with active subscriptions or game time on their WoW accounts will be able to start reserving character names for when WoW Classic launches August 26. After choosing one of the realms below to play on, you’ll be able to create up to three characters on the server to make sure you have the names you want for them. However, Kaivax points out that if you select a PvP server, all those characters must belong to the same faction.

Here’s the list of US and Oceanic servers Kaivax provided:



  • Atiesh (Pacific)
  • Mankrik (Eastern)
  • Myzrael (Pacific)
  • Pagle (Eastern)


  • Faerlina (Eastern)
  • Fairbanks (Pacific)
  • Herod (Eastern)
  • Thalnos (Eastern)
  • Whitemane (Pacific)


  • Bloodsail Buccaneers (Eastern)
  • Grobbulus (PvP) (Pacific)


  • Arugal, PvP (Australian Eastern)
  • Remulos, Normal (Australian Eastern)

While you’re picking realms and creating characters, you might want to check out our guide to WoW Classic classes to work out which of the eight original roles you think works best for your playstyle or personality.

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