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Suspect arrested in DDoS attacks that hit WoW servers

Blizzard's announced that a suspect has been arrested

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World of Warcraft was recently affected by an ongoing denial of service attack, with some of its realms taken offline. Now, developer Blizzard has posted an update on the issue offering some “closure” on it – and it looks like a suspect behind the DDoS attacks has been identified and arrested.

As spotted by Dexerto, WoW Community Manager Kaivax has posted an update on the original forum post with the news that “immediately after the Distributed Denial of Service attacks against our game service began, the Blizzard Security Team worked around the clock with local and international law enforcement agencies to track down the source of the DDoS.”

They added “it is our understanding that, within a few days, authorities were able to successfully identify and arrest a suspect. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.” Though there are no details beyond this, Blizzard has said that it “wanted to return to this subject and put some closure on it”, so it sounds like the issue is now resolved.

WoW Classic players first began reporting issues with the game’s servers on September 7, and Blizzard was then hit with another DDoS attack a day later, with its multiplayer FPS Overwatch also seeming to be affected. Effects for WoW players included being kicked from the game despite being able to connect to it successfully.

This follows similar news this week that Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has also been hit with a wave of denial of service attacks since the launch of Ember Rise. The studio has now confirmed that bans issued over the attacks will be permanent.