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WoW Dragonflight Demon Hunter trees are finally on the alpha

The WoW Dragonflight alpha has slowly but surely introduced new talent trees for every class, but up until now Demon Hunters have been absent

WoW World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha Demon Hunter talent trees: a night elf demon hunter rages, glowing with fel power

WoW Dragonflight Demon Hunters have finally landed on the alpha, where Blizzard is hard at work testing new game features, areas, and mechanics. One of the major changes dropping in the new MMORPG expansion is a complete overhaul of how talent trees work, with each class getting four new and more intricate trees to play with.

So far all but one of the WoW classes has received a new set of talents. Who’s the unlucky final draft? Why, it’s everyone’s favourite Illidan cosplayers: the Demon Hunters. In the latest alpha build, their wait is finally over, as the Demon Hunter class tree and the Havoc specialisation tree are set to be implemented. Let’s go over the broad strokes.

The class tree mainly houses general utility and buffs that all three specs can benefit from, with the left side focusing on speed and mobility, the right side focusing on Brands and Sigils, and the middle including the most shared damage buffs and utility talents. Near the bottom of the tree we see the return of Night Fae covenant ability, The Hunt; a short cooldown which inflicts damage, roots your target, and heals you. Some Legion artifact traits are making a comeback, including Aura of Pain and Charred Warblades; as well as the Azerite trait Infernal Armor from Battle for Azeroth.

In the Havoc tree, we see talents designed to increase damage, but also to incentivise improving Critical Strike and Mastery. At the bottom of the tree the Necrolord and Kyrian covenant abilities, Fodder to the Flame and Elysian Decree respectively, make a comeback. The former gives a chance to summon a demon on causing damage, and the latter places a special explosive sigil at a location. We also see the return of Legion trait Critical Chaos; as well as the return of Azerite traits Chaotic Transformation and Furious Gaze.

You can find the full blue post on Blizzard’s forums, and the full details of the talent trees on WoWhead. For more of the latest alpha updates, check out our writeup on the WoW Dragonflight Warlock changes. Alternatively, focus on the needs of the present by getting up to speed with the latest WoW Shadowlands hotfix which nerfs Return to Karazhan.