WoW devs consider Dracthyr style customisation for other races

WoW Dragonflight offers a vast array of customisation options for the new Dracthyr, so we asked Blizzard's Pat Dawson if other races will get the same over time

world of wacraft wow dragonflight female dracthyr in azure span stands and looks at camera

With World of Warcraft‘s next expansion, WoW Dragonflight, now out in the public realm, players from across Azeroth have elected to play out their journey as a Dracthyr. Boasting a vast array of different customisation options in the character creator, I asked production director Pat Dawson if other races will get the same treatment in the future.

Character customisation has long been an issue for World of Warcraft fans. While some races have a vast array of accessories in their virtual wardrobe, others like the Pandaren and Worgens remain somewhat limited.

As we enthused about in our WoW Dragonflight alpha preview, the Dracthyr are a totally different breed. Not only are they literal dragon people, they have an extensive collection of customisation options – including one which appears to be named after an iconic Overwatch duo.

Azeroth’s other races are green with envy (or in the Forsaken’s case, rot), so we asked Blizzard’s production director for WoW, Pat Dawson, if there are any plans to bring Dracthyr-level customisation to other races.

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve character customization,” Dawson tells us. “We really started this effort in earnest in Shadowlands when we started adding all of the new cool customizations you see in the game today.

“Obviously Dracthyrs are more fantastical race, but we did want to offer a tremendous amount of customisations.” He goes on to reveal with a smile that “we did some maths on it and there are more customisation possibilities than there are grains of sand in the universe, so we really went all out – we wanted to make sure you could create a unique look you’ll never see anywhere else.”

Moving onto the rest of Azeroth’s denizens, he stated “for the other races and classes; it’s stuff we’re going to take a look at, and if we can improve there we absolutely will.”

The Dracthyr are a first for WoW, as they’re both a race and a class merged into one. If you’re looking to dive into the alpha and test them out, be sure to pick up the best WoW addons to help you on your high-flying adventure.