WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyph locations

The WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyph locations are scattered across the Dragon Isles, and collecting them all is a surefire way to improve your dragonriding skill

A large man riding a blue dragon in front of a blue sky in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Have you found every WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyph? Scattered across the Dragon Isles are Dragon Glyphs, special tokens which can be used to unlock dragonriding talents. Each Dragon Glyph increases your overall energy while riding, helping you travel faster and further than before. This guide highlights the location of all Dragon Glyphs and the most efficient path to collect them, though we have some handy tips before you get started.

There are 48 Dragon Glyphs in total, 12 in each zone. All of them are available to collect immediately, and we recommend doing so at the earliest opportunity. When you’re near a glyph in the MMO game, you should receive a buff called Dragon Glyph Resonance – highlight this icon while it’s active to reveal how far away you are from a glyph. Additionally, the key to gaining altitude is to aim your camera straight up while using Skyward Ascent and level out before your speed drops. Finally, spend your dragonriding talent points immediately as this will help you find the rest of the glyphs faster.

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight map of the Waking Shores with pins highlighting the Dragon Glyphs

Waking Shores Dragon Glyph locations

  • 1 – (74.3, 57.5) Skytop Observatory – Close to the ground, part of dragon-riding intro quests you’re required to complete in the campaign.
  • 2 – (75.0, 57.0 ) Skytop Observatory – At the top of the tallest tower on the Skytop Observatory plateau.
  • 3 – (69.3, 46.2) Dragon Heart Outpost – Inside the tallest, crumbling tower.
  • 4 – (57.7, 54.9) Crumbling Life Archway – Inside an archway north of the Ruby Life Pools.
  • 5 – (58.1, 78.6) Flashfrost Enclave – Floating in the air in the flatter area above the entrance to the cave in Flashfrost Enclave.
  • 6 – (54.5, 74.2) Ruby Life Pools Peaks – At the highest point on a plateau west of the Ruby Life Pools.
  • 7 – (40.9, 71.9 ) Obsidian Bulwark – On a tall stone pillar southwest of the Obsidian Bulwark.
  • 8 – (21.8, 51.4) Obsidian Throne – This glyph is high above the main structure and may require you to stop and recharge before reaching it.
  • 9 – (46.4, 52.1) The Overflowing Spring – Above the tallest hill on the plateau.
  • 10 – (52.6, 17.2) Life-Binder Observatory – Floating above the point of the tallest tower.
  • 11 – (74.9, 37.3) Scalecracker Peak – The highest point in the zone, and may require you to stop in order to regenerate vigor and reach the top.
  • 12 – ( 73.1, 20.5) Wingrest Embassy – Above a short, broken tower located just outside the Wingrest Embassy.

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight map of the Thaldraszus with pins highlighting the Dragon Glyphs

Thaldraszus Dragon Glyph locations

  • 1 – (67.1, 11.8) Veiled Ossuary – Inside the upper area under the domed roof.
  • 2 – (49.8, 40.2) Algeth’era – Floating above the needle point at the top of the tallest tower in the area.
  • 3 – (62.4, 40.5) Algeth’ar Academy – Inside the dome of the tallest and largest tower in the area, denoted by the arcane purple crystal floating at its peak.
  • 4 – (61.6, 56.6) Tyrhold – Sitting on a rock ledge just north of the tower, shooting a beam of light into the sky. It’s recognizable as the tower from the Dragonflight cinematic.
  • 5 – (72.4, 51.7) Vault of the Incarnates – Floating inside the large pieces of the broken structure, on the northern side of The Vault of the Incarnates.
  • 6 – (72.9, 69.1) Thaldraszus Apex – Possibly the tallest mountain in the Dragon Isles; the Skyward Ascent trick mentioned above is essential here.
  • 7 – (66.0, 82.3) Temporal Conflux – Inside a tower located on the northwestern mountainside of the temporal conflux.
  • 8 – (55.8, 72.3) Passage of Time – Underneath a stone archway above the road heading southwest out of The Temporal Conflux area.
  • 9 – (52.6, 67.4) Gelikyr Overlook – Floating out in the open above a bridge. Southeast of Valdrakken.
  • 10 – (41.3, 58.3) Valdrakken – Above the dome of the tallest central tower.
  • 11 – (46.1, 73.9) Stormshroud Peak – At the peak of one of the higher mountains in the area, plan to gain enough altitude.
  • 12 – (35.6, 85.6) South Hold Gate – Inside the dome of the second tallest needle-topped tower. The glyph is at the top of the dome’s inner area, and you can easily miss it on a fly-through.

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight map of the Azure Span with pins highlighting the Dragon Glyphs

Azure Span Dragon Glyph locations

  • 1 – (56.8, 16.0) The Fallen course – Above the stone bridge connecting Thaldrazsus and The Azure Span.
  • 2 – (67.6, 29.1) Kalthraz Fortress – Inside the roof of the crumbling tower southwest of Rhonin’s Shield.
  • 3 – (72.6, 39.9) Vakthros Range – This glyph is out in the open, above the icy flat area above the Vakthros caves.
  • 4 – (70.6, 46.3) Lost Ruins – Inside the domed area in the tallest tower in the area, tucked right up against the mountainside.
  • 5 – (68.6, 60.3) Ruins of Karnthar – Inside the crumbling remains of a tower with no roof.
  • 6 – (60.6, 70.0) Imbu – Floating in the air halfway up the highest waterfall from the river running south of Camp Nowhere.
  • 7 – (53.0, 49.0) Zelthrak Outpost – Tucked up against a large pine tree, it can be tricky to spot. Look for the short, broken buildings on the ground; the tree is nearby.
  • 8 – (39.2, 63.0) Azure Archives – Above the large Nexus-ish tower glowing with arcane energy.
  • 9 – (10.4, 35.8) Brackenhide Hollow – This glyph sits at the very top of another large pine tree over Brackenhide Hollow.
  • 10 – (26.7, 31.7) Creektooth Den – Above a tall tree stump near the road into the Ohn’ahran Plains.
  • 11 – (45.8, 25.7) Cobalt Assembly – Above the needle of the tallest tower in the Cobalt Assembly
  • 12 – (70.11, 86.6) – Located close to the ground above the road at the border of The Azure Span and the Ohn’ahran Plains.

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight map of the Oshahran with pins highlighting the Dragon Glyphs

Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph locations

  • 1 – (84.1, 77.3) Dragonsprings Summit – It’s very close to the last glyph in The Azure Span, floating in front of the dam.
  • 2 – (61.4, 64.2) Windsong Rise – This one is very high up from the ground, above a hill with swirling patterns in the grass.
  • 3 – (57.1, 80.1) Ohn’iri Springs – This is another glyph high above the ground in the open air above the hot springs.
  • 4 – (47.3, 72.2) Mirror of the Sky – This glyph is also high in the air and out in the open, above the south side of the lake.
  • 5 – (44.7, 64.6) Szar Skeleth – Inside a broad, broken tower. A ledge is inside if you need to land someplace high and recharge.
  • 6 – (29.5, 75.4) The Eternal Kurgans – Yet another high, midair glyph. It’s at the southwestern end of the field full of centaur burial mounds and green swirly grass patterns.
  • 7 – (30.1, 61.6) Emerald Gardens – At the top of a waterfall at the highest point of the Emerald Gardens.
  • 8 – (30.4, 36.1) Nokhudon Hold – At the peak of the zone’s tallest mountain on the northwestern side.
  • 9 – (57.8, 30.8) Ohn’ahra’s Roost – Above the top of the massive bird statue’s head, above Muurkai.
  • 10 – (86.5, 39.3) Rusza’thar Reach – Above a tower jutting out of a steep hill. It’s high up, but easier than what you’ve already acquired.
  • 11 – (78.4, 21.2) Mirewood Fen – The glyph is relatively close to the ground, above the road heading north back into the Waking Shores.
  • 12 – (48.8, 86.64) Rubyscale Outpost – On the bridge’s southern end connecting The Ohn’ahran Plains and Waking Shores. Out in the open and easy to spot.

Congratulations, you’ve collected all the WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyphs! With all the talents acquired and skills developed by practicing while collecting the glyphs, you should have no problem getting anywhere and everywhere in the Dragon Isles. If you want to know more about things you can do in the latest expansion, don’t forget to check out our WoW Dragonflight professions guide. We also recommend checking out our WoW Dragonflight tier list for a lowdown of the best class and spec combinations in the current meta.