WoW Dragonflight dragonriding lets you dismount enemy players

World of Warcraft Dragonflight's all-new dragonriding system is available for testing on Blizzard's alpha servers, and it has its own unique talent tree

WoW Dragonflight Drake Customisation

While flying is an indispensable tool in World of Warcraft, you’d be lying if you said it was particularly realistic. Flying mounts in the MMORPG can turn on a dime, hover in place, fly straight upwards or straight downwards without losing momentum and crashing. For those players who yearn for a more accurate flying system, Dragonflight has you covered. Dragonriding is a new flying system that incorporates momentum and inertia, and it has its own talent tree to boot. Although the tree is only partially implemented on the alpha, thanks to the good people at, we’re able to get a slightly more complete picture.

To begin with, a quick note on how Dragonriding works. Just like with regular flying mounts, Dragonriding mounts function as regular ground mounts, but can be launched into the air with the space bar. Unlike regular flying mounts, you can’t hover in place. You constantly move, and your momentum will slow down over time. Your mount uses Vigor as a resource, starting with three Vigor, which can be used on various abilities that increase speed or height. You can gain Dragonriding talent points by flying through dragon glyphs hidden all around the Dragon Isles.

The first row is not yet implemented, but according to dataminers could be Dragonriding, which causes your drake to propel forward when pointed in a particular direction. The second row has three talents – Drake and Rider Training, which increases Vigor by one; Dynamic Stretching, which improves Vigor generation on the ground; and Thrill Chaser, which improves Vigor generation at high speed. Row three is also not implemented, but could be Ohn’ahra’s Gusts, which causes the ability Surge Forward to block Djaradin projectiles, as well as give a speed boost. Row four will be a choice node, likely between Dragonrider’s Compassion, which causes dismounting to buff nearby allies; and Dragonrider’s Initiative, which causes dismounting to damage/debuff nearby enemies.

Row five has Restorative Travels, which improves Vigor generation while grounded. Row six has perhaps the most interesting talent for those players on PvP servers: Airborne Tumbling, which causes Whirling Surge to dismount airborne hostile players as well give you a big speed boost. Row seven is a choice node between Draconic Cultivation, which increases Vigor recharge when you mine a herb or mineral node; and Dragonrider’s Hunt, which increases Vigor Recharge when you defeat an enemy.

Row eight sports Dragonriding Learner, which increases Vigor by 1one Finally, row nine features three talents: Beyond Infinity, which again increases Vigor by one; Yearning for the Sky, which improves Vigor generation while grounded; and At Home Aloft, which improves Vigor generation when moving at high speeds.

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