First Kil’jaeden kill video, World of Warcraft’s “hardest ever boss,” is now live


Update: Method have finally released their video, showing off how they took down Kil’Jaeden in around 15 minutes. That’s 15 minutes of constant concentration and coordination.

The feeling they all got when they survived the bullethell arena after 654 attempts must have been amazing. 

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Here’s the video in full:

Original Story: World of Warcraft guild Method, generally regarded as the most talented set of players in the world, took down Mythic Kil’jaeden last week. As the latest endboss of WoW – at least untilpatch 7.3is available – he proved more than a challenge for Method and runners-up Exorsus. Today, the guild announced the first kill video for the fight would be made available later today.

After 654 tries over days and days of raiding, Method eventually got Kil’jaedendown last week. With the reduction in serious competition due to various guilds quitting hardcore raiding over the past few months, it took a full week for Exorsus to get a world second kill on the boss. With that now done, rather than waiting for the customary five kills, Method are showing everyone how it’s done tonight:

They also put out an interview earlier today, explaining the fight and their approach to it. Several of the raiders talked to called it the “hardest boss ever” – not always for the best reasons.

One of those reasons was that several broken mechanics were left in place for many attempts when the raiding started over the July 4 weekend. The damage on lots of abilities was also tuned down significantly in several patches, before the boss was finally killable. Even in its final state, it was quite the challenge, but before that was seemingly impossible. Method also talk about class balance, and explain their biggest current concerns about the game in general.

Method’s Twitch channel is embedded below. Expect the video to be uploaded to YouTube shortly afterwards.