Legion’s extended preview trailer gives us a deeper look at WoW’s imminent expansion


Blizzard just released a new trailer for their anticipated WoW expansion, Legion, giving us a longer look at all that’s coming. 

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The new trailer doesn’t really show us anything we didn’t already know was coming, but we do get to have a long look at the lovely art behind it all. It’s so colourful and happy – at least until a demon invasion swoops in.

We get a look at those invasions in action, with ships raining fire down into once peaceful towns and horned demons spawning at ground level.

The trailer also gives us a look at the new areas and dungeons, with each looking distinct enough to get any adventurer excited. And of course, we get another look at the double-jumping, winged demon hunter class, also added in the upcoming expansion.

WoW Legion releases on August 30. Until then, this video will have to do: