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WoW Legion release time: When World of Warcraft's next expansion unlocks for your server

World of Warcraft: Legion will unlock for you very shortly, but how shortly you ask? Well, that depends what realm you're in, in real life, not just your toon.

For everything you could possibly want to know about Legion dungeons, raids, artifacts and more, we've got you covered.

Outside of Azeroth we call Realms "time zones" and your place in the world dictates the exact hour Legion will be available. The official line is that WoW Legion unlocks at server time 00:01am on the morning of August 30, but since some time zones are served by servers in other time zones, you might get lucky – or unlucky, sorry.

Here's the list of when WoW Legion unlocks for you based on your timezone:


  • BST: 11pm August 29
  • CET: 12am August 30


  • EDT: 3am August 30
  • CDT: 2am August 30
  • MDT: 1am August 30
  • PDT: 12am August 30


  • AEST: 5pm August 30

Based on previous expansions, you'll want to be at the trigger point of the expansion come launch hour to get in. In this case that seems to be the room Khadgar and friends are channeling the teleport spell in Dalaran. Unlike the area around the Dark Portal for Warlords of Draenor, that's going to be a little bit packed. Once he's ready to teleport, expect a short cinematic and then the start of the expansion with your artifact quest, choosing which area of Broken Isles to start in and the short march to level 110.

For more info on when bits of the expansion will come out, check our post on Legion raid unlock times. The new Mythic+ dungeons are also on that schedule, and remember that patch 7.1 is coming before the end of the year, with the second raid, Nighthold, unlocking some time at the start of 2017.

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Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

If anyone has a spare key, id give it a couple of months. But, WoW isnt on my games to buy.

Streetguru Avatar
1 Year ago

It's free up to level 20, otherwise it's $19.99 for the base game

Or I think you could do the public test realm for totally free, but that wouldn't be worth it really

brmorgen82 Avatar
1 Year ago

Who would have a spare key for a lousy ingrate like yourself?

Krakonator Avatar
1 Year ago

times are wrong - AUS and NA open at the same time -

5pm AEST - AUG 30th is when it unlocks

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

cheers for this, fixed now

Alcbur Avatar
1 Year ago

Not sure who made this list, but the Australian launch times are way off, we will also be using the PST launch time, which will actually be Tuesday 5:01pm AEST after conversion.