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World of Warcraft’s frog mounts have hopped onto the PTR

Datamined back in February, frog mounts are finally heading to World of Warcraft - meet the Marsh Hoppers

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is finally getting its rideable toad mounts. The amphibian steeds, which were originally datamined earlier this year, are called Marsh Hoppers, and they’ve just been added to the MMO’s latest 8.1 PTR build.

There are two versions of the Marsh Hopper available, each in a different colour. You’ll be able to pick either a blue or yellow variant of the mount, although game files from Icy Veins do also show off a green version that hasn’t made its way to the PTR version. Exactly where you’ll be able to pick up your slimy new mount isn’t clear yet, but so far, suggestions point towards either reputation paragon caches, or a reward for completing the Glory of the Battle of Dazar’alor Raider achievements.

It being a giant frog, it might have been a little tricky to actually ride your new mount if it didn’t come with a pre-fitted saddle. It looks as though you’ll still need to hold on tight though, because the new mount’s hopping animation doesn’t look like it’ll offer a particularly smooth ride.

The big warty boys were first datamined way back in February, when Battle for Azeroth was still in alpha. It’s taken several months for them to actually make their way to the game, but I’d say it was worth the wait.

Elsewhere in World of Warcraft, Blizzard has announced that Horde and Alliance will face different challenges in Battle for Azeroth’s next raid. If you’re holding out for WoW Classic, you might be distressed to learn that the demo will kick you out if you play too long, but from what I know about the habits of some hardcore World of Warcraft players, that might be a good thing.