Blizzard release video of murlocs gargling over Christmas songs for an hour – happy holidays

Blizzard Christmas

Blizzard, a company named after cold weather, are comforting us all during this freezing Christmas period by releasing a relaxing video of a log fire burning away. Ahhhh. If only it wasn’t backed by a group of murlocs attempting to cough up Christmas songs. 

Are any of our best PC games of 2016 on your Christmas list?

The video is embedded above if you’re into listening to some murlocs having a go at Christmas carols. They sound like a cat trying to climb up a waterfall, but they know how to gargle to the tune and that’s the main thing.

While this is going on, seasonal decorations are laid out across the room until it’s packed full of goodies. It’d make a lovely screensaver, minus the guttural gargles of swamp fish.

Murlocs, or ‘gmmmlmrmrgmg’ (no, honestly), speak a language called Nerglish – “MRGLLLL GLRRM GL” means “I will kill you”, for example – so I’m sure they’re all singing the right words. It’s just a bit beyond us humans to understand.

Now, let us know if you find yourself singing along with them.Mglrmglmglmgl!