Fan-made trailer for an 11-year-old WoW raid is better than the Warcraft movie

WoW Naxxramas trailer Hurricane

I actually quite liked the Warcraft movie but it’s got nothing on this. YouTuber Radim ‘Hurricane’ Zeifart makes WoW trailers, but not like what you may be used to. Not only are they dedicated to quite old content but they’re ultra-stylised.

His latest is for the infamous Naxxramas raid, the final chapter of vanilla World of Warcraft and a legendarily difficult challenge for guilds of the age, taking three months to complete. Zeifart’s tribute is worth watching whether you were interested back then or not.

Here’s what’s going on with the latest raid all these years later with the Tomb of Sargeras world first race.

As classically action movie as these moments are, the bit with the gunshot and the bit with the sword being dragged along the ground (that’s Corrupted Ashbringer, fellow nerds) are my favourites. Very nicely shot.

Previously, Zeifart has put together trailers for Burning Crusade’s 2.4.3 patch, the Ahn’Qiraj raid and, oddly, a logo for Warhorse Studios. He also does making-ofs for each video he puts out, so expect one of those for Naxx soon enough.

Based on the end of the video, he’ll be jamming on Black Temple next, arguably the most famous WoW raid there is. Given Naxx took him six months and he’ll want to keep upping the length and quality, it may be a while before we see it.