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World of Warcraft patch 7.2.5: Black Temple Timewalking, Chromie’s back, class tweaks


World of Warcraft is getting another mini-patch between big patches. It’s numbered 7.2.5, and will be headed to the PTR “later this week” if all goes well.

We spoke with Blizzard about patch 7.2, the biggest in WoW history.

Blizzard community manager Josh ‘Lore’ Allen made the announcement on the forums earlier today, with “a short synopsis of our major goals and content for this patch”. MMO Champion have a bit more information after a cheeky bit of datamining, so we’ll thread that into our summary.

Headline content updates include:

  • A “time-twisting” quest line involving Chromie, a fan-favourite NPC who safeguards Azeroth’s timeline (and is also a bronze dragon in the form of a gnome). MMO Champion say this will be called ‘The Deaths of Chromie’, so no wonder she needs your help.
  • An assortment of new events, including the auction house dance party, the Moonkin festival, and a transmog competition – basically, a dressing-up contest – that Blizzard are calling the Trial of Style. MMO Champion say several players will enter a scenario, use the barber’s chair to change their outfit according to a theme, and vote for the best. There will also be a new ‘Mog Coin’ currency.
  • You’ll be able to revisit an old raid as it gets a Timewalking version: The Black Temple, from the Burning Crusade.

Lore also says class design is a focus for the new patch, with the following specs in particular getting some overdue attention:

  • Destruction Warlocks
  • Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues
  • Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks
  • Havoc Demon Hunters
  • Guardian Druids

Lore says the Trial of Style and some of those class tweaks will be available to test as soon as the PTR goes live – chat to Flaskataur in Dalaran for the Trial of Style.

MMO Champion have a few things to add, such as pet battle dungeons (Gnomeregan and Deadmines), and that an urgent message from Magni is waiting for you in Sholazar Basin.

Apparently, several places are also referring to this as the 7.2.5 ‘prelaunch’, with two scenarios (Magni and Azeroth’s Warning) possibly due to go up ahead of the patch to give it a bit of foreshadowing. Or, as MMO Champion note, their info is out of date and some or all of it represents abandoned ideas, so treat it with caution.