WoW meets FFXIV in this fan-made housing manifesto

WoW Dragonflight won't rectify the game's player housing situation, but one World of Warcraft fan has devised the perfect way for Blizzard to add the feature

world of warcraft wow female knight elf stands in homeworld

As debate continues to swirl around World of Warcraft‘s lack of FFXIV-style player housing, one fan has devised the perfect balance to suit those who want to make use of the feature, and those who don’t.

Ever since the meteoric rise of Final Fantasy XIV Online, players have been drawing comparisons between Square Enix’s title and Blizzard’s classic MMO, World of Warcraft.

While avid fans could argue until the cows come home about which is the best MMORPG, one feature that sets FFXIV apart from its competitor is player housing, an addition that has transformed Eorzea into a buzzing social nexus.

Love the idea or hate it, we won’t be seeing it in the next WoW expansion, Dragonflight, with Blizzard stating that it will be a multi-expansion process.

As WoW fans continue to debate whether or not the system is necessary, however, one fan has devised the perfect compromise for those who want player housing, and those who don’t.

“My idea is that at the end of each expansion you could build on your house or guild garrison, make it better, more fun and interesting, and after you return home after each new adventure you build up your house,” writes one player on the official WoW forum. “That way we have a lot of interesting things to keep with us at the end of each expansion.

Concluding that this “optional” system would “also give people incentive to go back to old expansions,” the idea makes a lot of sense – especially if it’s distinctive from the controversial Garrison system from Warlords of Draenor.

“I’d like it as my in game museum of rewards- a place to chill out,” responds one.

Another player writes “my knee-jerk reaction was not only no, but hell no. However, upon reflection, I have to say, why not? My main (night elf) no longer has the place she grew up in. The only place that is hers now is her garrison. I don’t think that homes are for everyone. We used to fight WG, then go back to A Hero’s Welcome and celebrate whether we won or lost. We kind of made it our home. So, yeah. Go for it.”

Blizzard has expressed interest in implementing player housing in future expansions, but have confirmed that players will need to wait quite a while. Not looking forward to waiting? Be sure to check out our WoW Dragonflight alpha preview to alleviate some boredom in the meantime.