New Zealand WoW streamer attempts to keep raiding during 7.8 magnitude earthquake

WoW Illidan

World of Warcraft players are already stereotyped as the kinds of gamers who don’t like to leave the comfort of their chairs, but one New Zealand-based MMO fan took this a step further this week by trying to carry on battling during a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, while streaming. 

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The quake was one of New Zealand’s biggest in years, tragically killing two and causing damage to hundreds of homes as it shook through the country.

StreamerDelrio Sierra obviously didn’t realise at first how serious it was, as the stream footage clearly shows him poking his head up to the screen, still trying to click away as the force throws him off his chair.

Here’s the (very sweary) footage:

His teammates clearly don’t realise either, as they chastise him throughout the ordeal, even as Sierra shouts to check on his partner.

When he’s knocked off his feet completely, it’s at that point he realises that maybe raiding in WoW can wait, and he scrambles out the door.

Cheers, NZHerald.