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The WoW trading post release date is finally here, but it’s broken

The WoW trading post release date has finally arrived, bringing a new exchange system to Blizzard's MMORPG, but unfortunately it's already broken.

The WoW trading post release date is finally here, but it's broken: A dwarf with black hair and a braided black beard wearing simple brown clothes stands in front of a huge ornate chest beckoning the camera in

It’s official, denizens of Azeroth, the WoW trading post release date has finally arrived, opening up new avenues of exchange for avid MMO enthusiasts – well, kind of. An ongoing issue with refunds has left the new feature slightly broken in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, detracting a little from the excitement.

The WoW trading post release date was set for February 1, adding a whole new magical emporium to the game. Stuffed to bursting with everything from transmogs to pets and mounts, it’s one of Dragonflight’s most exciting new additions.

Players can purchase these items with Trader’s Tender, a new currency earned by completing monthly activities in the new Traveler’s Log, or by simply logging in each month and visiting the Collector’s Cache chest at the trading post.

Problem is, at the moment you can’t un-purchase items. Yes, I’m serious. A particularly irritating bug means that you cannot refund an item once you’ve purchased it – so make sure you don’t buy something accidentally!

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Blizzard has been quick to acknowledge the issue, and has confirmed that the refund option has been removed entirely for the time being. “Due to some issues that are affecting the refund process, the ability to refund any items purchased from the Trading Post has temporarily been disabled,” writes a community manager known simply as ‘Bornakk.’

“The Customer Support Team will not be able to assist with refunds while these issues are active. Updates will be posted once this situation is resolved.” We’ll be sure to update this post once Blizzard finds a fix.

From here, they go on to confirm that items bought during the non-refundable period will be refunded once a fix has been implemented – so fear not, friends, you’ll be able to win back your Trader’s Tender.

A small store with a World of Warcraft Horde logo above it in a red earth plain

As an avid collector, I am very excited by the Trading Post system. The Celestial Steed mount is absolutely gorgeous, and will be a welcome addition to my ever-expanding menagerie. I am not shocked, however, that it hasn’t launched as planned.

Given the issues surrounding the WoW Wrath Classic launch and the WoW Dragonflight world server going down post-release, every new feature seems to be plagued with issues these days. I remember trying to play through Korthia in Shadowlands when it first released – if you were there, you’ll understand my pessimism.

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