WoW Trading Post won’t let you unfreeze items, but Blizzard is on it

The WoW Trading Post is one of World of Warcraft Dragonflight's coolest new features, but a problem has popped up with the Blizzard MMORPG's new storefront.

WoW Trading Post won't let you unfreeze items, but Blizzard is on it: A pink skinned night elf with green long hair and huge pointy ears stands looking at a dwarf holding a squawking baby bird in an egg as a clown looks in the mirror in the background

One of World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s best features is the WoW Trading Post, an all-new storefront that rotates monthly and gives players the opportunity to pick up some sweet cosmetics. Unfortunately, this is the first time it has rotated since it was introduced into the MMORPG, and there’s a major issue.

Whether you’ve found that one cosmetic that you just need or have been a little too frivolous with your Trader’s Tender, Blizzard has introduced item freezing to the Trading Post to help you out. This system allows you to carry over one item from the previous month so that you can use your new stock of trader’s tender to pick it up.

Unfortunately, it looks like the system isn’t quite working as planned. Given this is the Post’s first changeover since release there were bound to be some issues, and thankfully Blizzard is already on the case.

At the moment, players are currently unable to purchase the items that they have frozen. Instead, the item appears to have just vanished – slightly concerning if you really, really wanted it.

Blizzard has addressed the issue in two separate places, with community managers Randy ‘Kaivax’ Jordan and Neth ‘Nethaera’ assuring fans that their coveted items haven’t simply vanished into the aether.

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“We’re aware of the issues people are experiencing and are working on them,” writes Nethaera. “Of note, if you froze an item from last month, don’t refreeze anything else. We believe this is a display error that we are working to correct. Players will likely need to log out and back in once the fix has been added to the game to see the item again.”

This is echoed by Kaivax, who states “we believe that this is a display issue on the previously-locked item. It’s still there, but you can’t see it until we fix the bug. We expect that once the bug is fixed, you’re going to need to log out and log back in to see the previously-locked item.”

The obvious positive is that the item is, in fact, still there and that the bug is purely with the UI. Sure, it’s an annoying glitch, but realistically it could be a lot worse. Either way, I’d advise waiting for a fix to come through before freezing any other items – otherwise you may lose that highly prized Celestial Steed mount.

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